Cast Duet Puzzle

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I’ve had a revelation this week that I wanted to share it with you. I’ve come to terms with being utterly confused while solving a puzzle and I’ve learned that it is ok to dwell there for a while. I say for a while because entering a state of insanity is acceptable for the creative process involved in problem solving but it isn’t preferred when you are checking out of your local grocery store and the cashier asks if you are ok. She asked if I was ok because I was rolling my eyes and twirling my hands like an amateur composer. I couldn’t help but laugh. I was just trying to mentally find one of the many solutions possible for a puzzle called Cast Duet. I guess there are 28 solutions according to George’s excellent solution guide. If you are stumped and only interested in the first five solutions then check out the solution webpage located on the Puzzle Master website. One solution involves separating the ring from the 3×3 grid. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? Well the ring that you need to remove has to be split into two halves. Each half has a gap and a notch in which the ring slides through the grid. When navigating one half through the grid the other half can block your progress so a little planning is helpful. In essence, this is a maze puzzle.

I have been able to find a few of the solutions but not all 28. It can get a little repetitive after you find the first solution but it’s a great little puzzle to have in your pocket while you are standing in line, waiting to get your haircut, etc. Many of these types of puzzles only have one solution, which is a good thing as far as puzzle mechanics, but the replay value might not be very high for some puzzlers. This puzzle provides an a lot of fun and gives you a reason to come back for more punishment. This puzzle is available at PuzzleMaster, Amazon, and other puzzle stores.
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