Cast KeyRing Puzzle

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The puzzle I’m going to talk about today is the Cast Keyring. Oskar van Deventer designed this puzzle and I received it from Puzzle Master. If you need the solution then check out the Puzzle Master solution webpage. There is also a video solution on youtube. Please note that you can also find this puzzle at other online stores. The Puzzle Master store rates this a 6 out of 10 as far as difficulty. In other words, it’s not super hard. I would agree that it wasn’t very difficult but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. The objective of the puzzle is to take the gold and chrome toned pieces apart and then put it back together. Taking it apart doesn’t take a very long time but putting the puzzle back together might take a bit longer because you have to meet a certain requirement for the right solution. Each piece has a word on it. The way the word is written is very interesting because when you look at the word one way it will read as “Key” but when you turn the word around the same word will read as “Ring”. See the images.

The pieces must come back together in a way in which one pieces reads as “Key” and the other reads as “Ring” without having to turn the puzzle around. While this puzzle is easier than some of the other puzzles found in the Cast series, I think it is worth getting because of the unique solution requirement. If you are looking to increase the challenge then I would suggest trying to solve this puzzle with your eyes closed.

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