Two Keys Puzzle

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Hello puzzlers!!! Back for extreme close ups and bad jokes I see. Well I can’t really see you…. Or can I. I’m looking at you one eyed purple people eater. As you can tell, I carefully plan my intros. So, the puzzle hidden behind door number three is called Two Keys by Jean Claude Constantin. In a nutshell, this puzzle is what happens when a laser gun asks an innocent piece of wood for all its money and the wood refuses…. Ok ok what I mean is that the wood is laser cut to form the two mazes found on this puzzle. However, if we lived in a world where laser guns and wood had human characteristics then my scenario would be perfectly plausible.

The objective of the puzzle is to remove the metal peg from the puzzle by navigating it through the two different puzzles. The maze on the front is different from the one on the back. The maze found on the front can slide left or right. You can also move the metal peg. I really like maze puzzles because they are not very hard and they don’t take a long time to solve. This is also the case for this puzzle. I welcome this characteristic of the puzzle because my brain is still recovering from some of the other puzzles I tackled a few weeks ago. Overall, it is a good puzzle. The sliding action is nice for a wooden puzzle and it’s something that can easily fit in your pocket. I received this puzzle from PUzzle Master.

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