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Blue Knight

Blue Knight

The Blue Knight is made in Canada by PuzzleMaster, which offers a wide range of wire puzzles from easy to extremely hard. The puzzle has the shape of the letter K and attached is a handle with a golden ring. Your task is to “simply” remove the ring.

As always, PuzzleMaster’s wire puzzles are made with a beautiful nickel-plated finish, giving a very pleasant appearance and smoother manipulation, not to mention that it doesn’t leave any metal smells in your hands, which is a big plus.

The Blue Knight is rated as a 9/10 puzzle (Gruelling), [Read More...]

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Swisch: puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

swisch 1

Swisch is a series of 80 tilt maze puzzles. You are the red circle and your object is to get inside the green U.† I have done so many Tilt-maze puzzle apps, that I’ve completely lost track.

Swisch has lots of extra features, most of which I’ve seen before: wormholes, arrows that force your direction, unlocking doors, etc. Interesting feature: the wooden blocks need to be hammered twice before disintegrating. I don’t think I’ve seen that feature before. This is quite interesting.

The 80 levels: 11 training levels. Puzzle Pack #1 has 25 levels – kind of easy. Puzzle pack [Read More...]

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The Cyclone, by The Lagoon Group, is a fantastic puzzle and one of the most stunning in my collection. The mesmerizing swirling shapes create a wonderful pattern to look at, however, quite intimidating to solve. Holger StrÝm, a Danish designer, created the puzzle in 1973.

The Cyclone is comprised of 30 identical pieces that interlock to form a spherical shape. The material is a highly bendable plastic, so there’s no risk of damaging it during assembly. It comes already assembled and the idea is to take it apart and then reassemble it back to its original shape. It’s [Read More...]

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Starcoaster: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

starcoaster 1

Ryan Gorer has developed a most interesting series of puzzles.† You are given a pipe with a star on it. You must slide the pipe and bend it so that the star lines up perfectly on the blank star.


There are 100 levels. I’ve done 33 of them. Some of them are quite tricky.

One qualm I have with this puzzle: suppose you tap on the pipe to bend it. It may bend to the right instead of to the left. If that happens, double tap on the joint and hopefully it will unbend and then bend in the [Read More...]

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Arrow Mazes – Two Step


Start at the blue arrow in the top left-hand corner, and follow the arrows to find the shortest route to the target in the bottom right-hand corner. From each arrow you can move to one of the arrows it’s pointing to, in the same row, column, or diagonal.

But in this maze there’s an additional restriction: You must take two blue arrows, followed by two red arrows, followed again by two blue arrows, and so on until you reach the target. Solution

Click here to display the solution to the Two Step maze after a five-minute delay:

Show solution.

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The Curse


Today I have a new game that has a weird name.† The Curse is not your typical Android Puzzle Game.† It has a weird and creepy story line to it but a lot of fun puzzles to solve.

When you put out a puzzle game, you have to have something that the player will think is different from the rest of the other puzzle games.† This one has a very intriguing story with some difficult puzzles.† Puzzles that will truly test your will to keep going.† I am one of those that loves a challenge and will not rest until [Read More...]

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Beetle Bug

Beetle Bug

After having recently reviewed a couple of easy Wire Puzzles, I am now moving on to tougher paths. It still isn’t a top level puzzle, but it can be a little tricky with multiple steps required.

The Beetle Bug is another PuzzleMaster’s version of the Tucker-Jones House original from 1985, the Satan’s Stirrup. As mentioned in previous reviews, I prefer the material used by PuzzleMaster, with a smoother surface.

The puzzle belongs to Tucker’s group 4/8 puzzles, so it’s right there in the middle of difficulty. PuzzleMaster rates it at 7/10. Not too hard [Read More...]

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