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Link Mazes – Ampersand (medium)


Start on the cube in the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the cube in the bottom right corner, by making a series of horizontal or vertical jumps between two cubes that have a colour in common.

However, in this maze there’s an additional restriction: you may not make a U-turn by jumping straight back in the direction you’ve just come from.

Here’s an example. From the starting cube you can jump down to either of the cubes below it. However, from the cube in the middle of the leftmost column you are not then allowed to [Read More...]

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Vubu: GREAT puzzle app for iphone, ipad.


The object of Vubu is to move the men into the blue square.  They all move in unision. Be careful about losing a man over the edge.

Most of the Vubus are of the regular type. The Wise Man: he’ll move normally, but he won’t go over the edge. The Blind Man: he won’t move at all. Unless another Vubu is next to him. The Stubborn Man: he’ll move normally, unless another is next to him; then he’ll remain still. The Dragon Vubu: he breathes fire and will incinerate another vubu.

These puzzles are pure logic.  Of the 50 regular [Read More...]

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Dedale: clever puzzle app for iphone, ipad: Review

Dedale 1

Dedale is a series of challenging maze topology puzzles. The object is to turn the white squares into a color by tracing a path over each square exactly once.

Harder levels: some squares must be passed over twice.

Interesting element: some of the tiles are rectangles.

I’ve played different versions of this type of puzzle before: Numeric Paranoia comes to mind. Dedale has 100 levels. Right now I’m stuck on level 49.

The most important thing: Dedale is fun and challenging.

Sergey Mohov is the developer.

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