The Curse

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Today I have a new game that has a weird name.  The Curse is not your typical Android Puzzle Game.  It has a weird and creepy story line to it but a lot of fun puzzles to solve.

When you put out a puzzle game, you have to have something that the player will think is different from the rest of the other puzzle games.  This one has a very intriguing story with some difficult puzzles.  Puzzles that will truly test your will to keep going.  I am one of those that loves a challenge and will not rest until I have finished that challenge.  My mind thinks and analyses until I will come up with a solution.  If it can not find a solution I will just have to think of something else or, as I’m prone to do, start fiddling with my keys.  It seems to draw my mind away from the problem at hand and lets my subconscious work as well.  Anyway, back to the game.

Here is the story as far as I’ve played.  You have opened up a book of puzzles that has a curse inside of it.  Only by solving all of the puzzles can you lift this curse and save yourself from the curse.  There are 100 puzzles to solve before you can undo the curse.  Sounds like a classic mystery story.  Something you would find in a movie with a mummy in it.  The puzzles are part of the story.  Since this is an old book and the curse is old as well, the puzzles on the inside are some classic puzzles that you have to deal with.  You will play tangrams, logic puzzles, moving water from one jar to another, slide blocks to move a piece out of a puzzle, and other puzzles that you probably seen before but they are all done just a bit differently.

I quite enjoyed playing this game and have not solved it yet, but will give it my best shot to solve as much of it as I possibly can.  I recommend this game to those that do not mind playing over the classic puzzles that you have seen as a child.  For nostalgic reasons this game won me over.  It also had an intriguing story to it with a bit of creepiness.  Keep the story lose the creepiness, I say.  To each their own.

Graphics:  4 out of 5

Sound:   3.5 out of 5

Puzzles:  4.5 out of 5

Overall:  4 out of 5

Happy Puzzling.

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I have been puzzled and puzzling others for years. I am most happy when I am solving puzzles of any kind. I enjoy challenges and will accept most any challenge.

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