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Calculation Mazes – Lucky Seven


In this calculation maze the aim is to start at the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the bottom right corner ending up with a total of 7.

At each step you obey the instruction in the box. For example, if you take four steps right from the starting position you get the successive totals -1, 0, -1, and +4. If you then take four steps down you get the successive totals +3, +4, +3, and +6. So unfortunately that route doesn’t reach the goal with the correct total of 7.

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Chess Mazes – Chameleon


Start from the knight in the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the bottom right corner by jumping between chess pieces.

Each piece you land on determines where you can move next. As in chess, from a bishop you can move diagonally, and from a castle you can move horizontally or vertically. From a knight you can jump in an L-shaped knight’s move, and only the knight can jump over other pieces.

The pawn is special – it mimics the last piece you were on. So when you land on a pawn, the pawn behaves in the same [Read More...]

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Cryptica is a well made puzzle game with very well done visuals.  I have been playing this game for quite awhile and still come back to it as I have hardly gotten through the levels.  This is no ordinary puzzle game.  The levels are very challenging and the visuals are very nice to look at.

The object of the game is pretty simple.  Move the stones to there correct resting place.  The only problem is that all the stones move at the same time.  You will have to use all the objects in the puzzle to maneuver [Read More...]

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The Cone, from the German manufacturer Philos, is a very nice wooden puzzle, designed by Andrew Snowie, which will show you that appearances can be deceiving. At first, it doesn’t look like it’s difficult at all, because the pieces all have distinct shapes, but as you start to disassemble it you’ll soon discover that it may be harder than you were expecting it to be.

The concept behind the Cone is quite original, but I guess they ran out of originality when it came to name the puzzle as simply Cone. They could have used some puns with [Read More...]

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Chocolate Fix: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Chocolate Fix 1

The smart kind people at ThinkFun sent me a promo code to play Chocolate Fix.  Like many of their puzzle games, there are easy, medium, hard & expert levels.

You are given clues about the arrangement of the chocolates: brown, pink, white combined with circle, square, triangle.

These puzzles have to be solved with a little trial and error.

So far, I’ve done all 100 medium levels. That was to get my feet wet on this concept.  I’ve done 12 of the hard levels and 10 of the expert levels, including. For good measure, I did the last 5 of [Read More...]

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Cast Cricket

The Cast Cricket is Hanayama’s own version of a puzzle, which first appeared back in 1898. This new version released ten years ago, in April 2002, by the hand of puzzle collector James Dalgety, hopefully stays true to its origins. James also designed another puzzle for Hanayama, the Cast Medal.

The puzzle is an homage to the game of the same name, played since the 16th century. It depicts two of most known elements in the game, the bat and the wicket, which are entangled. Your task is to separate them and then, put them back to [Read More...]

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Connect!: puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

connect 1

Connect! is a topology type puzzle app. The object is to connect a path from A to the furthest level. Your path may go horizontally, vertically, diagonally. You will probably have to zigzag.

The first 40 levels are free. And they’re easy. But the next 120 levels are harder and cost $1.99.


Right now I’ve solved all 160 levels.  The puzzles are not very difficuly. But they’re fun and perfect to play when ‘watching’ tv news shows.

Look for more puzzle apps to consume your life:

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