Chess Mazes – Chameleon

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Start from the knight in the top left corner, and find the shortest route to the bottom right corner by jumping between chess pieces.

Each piece you land on determines where you can move next. As in chess, from a bishop you can move diagonally, and from a castle you can move horizontally or vertically. From a knight you can jump in an L-shaped knight’s move, and only the knight can jump over other pieces.

The pawn is special Рit mimics the last piece you were on. So when you land on a pawn, the pawn behaves in the same way as the previous piece.

For example, from the knight on the starting square you could jump to the pawn in the middle of the second column. This then behaves like a knight, so you can jump to the rook in the second row. From this you can jump to the pawn one square to its right. The pawn then behaves like a rook, so you can jump to the pawn above it, and so on.


Click here to display the solution to the Chameleon maze after a five-minute delay:

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