Dodge Ball: Simple Fun Free Puzzle Game

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The title of this free puzzle game is Dodge Ball: Simple Fun Free Puzzle Game.  The object is to stay alive by avoiding the spiked twirling stars that come from the right  side of the screen.

This is NOT a tilt puzzle. You must drag the red circle around the screen.

You score points by staying alive. Right now I’m the high scorer with 2800 points.

The graphics are a bit boring. At the start of each game, while the spiked stars are hurtling toward you, and ad appears! Click to get rid of it before your man is impaled!

Getting past the first 500 points is tough. It seems to get easier after that.  Around 2500 points: things speed up very fast.

If you like this puzzle game, you will love Lookout Blizzard which I reviewed about 3 months ago.

Definitely give Dodge Ball: Simple Fun Free Puzzle Game a chance.

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Tom Cutrofello is the Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent for Games Magazine. He is also the author of 2 puzzles books: Lab Mice Puzzles Volume 1 and Lab Mice Puzzles Volume 2

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