Jelly Blocks: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

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Jelly Blocks comes from Michael Le.  It’s a bit like sokoban: move the objects so that all the blue squares connect. Then do the same for the other colors.

All the shapes move simultaneously, one step at a time.  The black shapes never move. The purple shapes have to be pushed by another piece.

There are 96 levels and most of them have multiple solutions.  That’s okay. Some of them will get you thinking.  I’ve solved all of them.  I’m hoping that Michael or another puzzle app designer will produce more levels.

Bottom Line: Jelly Blocks is a free fun puzzle game app – absolutely worthy of your time.

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Tom Cutrofello is the Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent for Games Magazine. He is also the author of 2 puzzles books: Lab Mice Puzzles Volume 1 and Lab Mice Puzzles Volume 2

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