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Although a bit expensive, Architecto is a great game and will provide years of entertainment. On the side of the box,it suggests the game is for 7+. I suggest kids even younger will love playing with it and making whatever they make with different shaped blocks. Then, there is the enjoyment that older youth and all adults will have trying to build the structures suggested in the book. Even when one has made all the structures,those with a creative mind will find there are many other structures that can be constructed. Although there are 18 “blocks”, not all have to be used to make a structure. It is also suggested that this is a game for 1 person.Yes,it certainly can be for 1 person,but it wold be fun if more than one were to work on a structure at the same time, or even if timed competitions were set up making the same structure. Having more than one set would be great for setting up competitions in a classroom or with a group of people. A time of 5 minutes is suggested for completion of a structure. Timing is very flexible, with different ages and the difficulty of the structure. Some of the more difficult structures may well take longer.

If you are aware of a couple of classic puzzles or games; Tangrams and Sona Cubes, and enjoy the challenges they offer, you’ll find similar enjoyment with this game.

As to quality, the pieces are well made of sturdy plastic,and virtually indestructable. There are 7 different shapes making a total of 18 pieces in all. Just to give you the size of the pieces; the cube shaped pieces are 3/4″X3/4″X3/4″, and most structures measure about 4″ X 4″.

The set comes with an excellent, 6″ X 8″, high quality paper and printing, coil bound, book, which lies flat when open, giving 50 models or structures to make. They come in 6 levels of difficulty. Also with each structure the type and number of blocks is given. (It is even more challenging if one ignores that info). Each structure is presented full page, in the color of the orange blocks. Answers are given at the back of the book with the different shaped blocks in different colors. The instructions are simple and take up only one page. Along with English ,instructions are also given in French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. And it is all packaged in a strong cardboard box. It is made in Germany and distributed by FoxMind Games in the USA and Canada.

Also included, is a catalogue of 18 other Toys or Games, some quite similar to this one, distributed by FoxMind. If this game is any indication of the quality of their products, there are probably some excellent products here.
You can purchase the puzzle game Here.

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