Cast Rattle

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Hana Yama make an excellent collection of cast puzzles.  Their puzzles are exceptionally well made, a real challenge to solve, are immediate attention grabbers, beautiful to look at and feel great in the hand.

When you pick it up, it seems so loosely connected together; that one thinks it should fall apart.  As you play with it, it will remind you of a set of dentures rattleing in a blizzard.  I can’t think of any other puzzle like it.  It consists of 4 pieces of chrome metal, quite small, but heavy for its size.  No doubt about it; it well deserves its Difficulty Rating of 8 out of 10.  It is very easy to see all sides and shapes of each piece, and gives the impression there is really nothing holding it together.

It takes virtually no force or pressure, and its solution can only be described as “Position is everything”.  Even when you figure out “position”, all that remains is “persnickety”.

I am really impressed with this gem of a puzzle.

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