Exceptional Eye Tricks

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Earlier this month, my newest book entitled Exceptional Eye Tricks was released.  The book features nine chapters of different categories of optical illusions with additional information about the illusions located in the back.  One of these chapters is devoted to “motion illusions”.  These types of illusions are static but appear to be moving (as if they were animated).  As such, they tend to be very popular on the Internet.  While the effect is noticeably better when viewed on a computer monitor, they also work well in print.

The cover of this book features a great example of a motion illusion created by Chilean artist Fiestoforo.  The green dots in the pattern appear to swirl in a clockwise direction over a purple background.

Exceptional Eye Tricks can be purchased online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other reputable book dealers.

About the Author:

Brad Honeycutt is a web developer, author and optical illusion enthusiast. He is the co-author of The Art of the Illusion: Deceptions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind (July 2012) and author of Exceptional Eye Tricks (February 2013). He has also acted as creative advisor for several books published by two of the world's leading stereogram creators featuring their 3-D imagery. Brad currently operates www.anopticalillusion.com, a website updated with a new optical illusion each and every weekday. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University, where he graduated with high honor.

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