Square Root or Scrambler Puzzle

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The Scrambler puzzle has a long history.  It got started around 1834, traveled around Europe testing people’s skills. It was brought to North America by Pioneers. It was simple to make, even with very basic tools. Today it is made by many companies around the world. There are several different ones here at various prices. Who knows, it may even have been the puzzle that prompted many other “sliding block” puzzles such as the 15 Puzzle or the more recent Rush Hour. There are several sequences whereby the puzzle can be solved, some requiring more moves than others. If you would like to see it being solved, you can see several videos on YouTube, with unbelievable short, but fast solving times. If you have high speed, memory, you might even remember the move sequences. If you are not endowed with such skill, you might go to PuzzleMaster and find a solution. There, the puzzle is called “Scrambler” and you will find a 123 move solution.  Supposedly it can be solved in 18 moves. That would require considerable work to find.

There is another variation of this puzzle on the Puzzle Master website called Fussballtor by Jean Claude Constantin.

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