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Yikerz is an amazing game conceived using the principles of magnets.As everyone knows two magnets will repel or attract depending on how they touch one another.  We also know that this principle is also demonstrated when they get close,even without touching,and depending on how “strong” the magnets are.  Also several magnets will stick together.

What this game does is use the properties of magnets to create an exciting game or challenge for one player or several. The thing that made a game like this really exciting was the super strength magnets that appeared about a decade or so ago.  I first came across them at an Exhibition booth then,and they were sold as “Rattlesnake Eggs”.  If you happened to be in Rattle Snake country and tossed a pair of them in the air,unbeknownst to others;the fear of a Rattler nearby would be instant.  An ultimate Practical Joker trick.  Otherwise, some fun could be had with them;but this game brings their use to a whole new level of entertainment.  I was so impressed when I came across Yikers!,I bought 3 sets.  The simplist way to describe the fun,is to watch people playing with them on YouTube.

There is one caution,however,particularly with small children.If magnets are swallowed they can cause serious problems when stuck together in stomachs.  This concern has also been discussed with another magnetic product,”Bucky Balls”,which are much smaller BB sized.  So be careful with them.

This game will entertain and challenge all ages,and will “attract”(pun intended) anyone who sees it being played.  It is very well packaged,including a cloth bag for storage or travel.

It is virtually indestructable,and still playable if a piece or two is missing,which is unlikely.  The magnets are quite irregular,different shaped ,and about 1/2 ” in size.  Each magnet has two flat sides,so they can be stacked ,laid flat ot stood on edge.

The game can be played with one set or even more exciting extra magnets or sets.

As I mentioned before,there are other shaped and sized “Super Magnets” that have been around for a while .  They go by different names.  I wrote Reviews on”Buzz Magnets,March 4,2012 and “Magnetic Rattlesnake Singing Magnets”,on July 28,2010.  They come in various sizes and shapes and would be very interesting to be used with “Yikers!,or by themselves.  I have Rattlesnake magnets of several sizes ranging from 1″ to over 2” in size and they really work well.  For best results you need these strong magnets that have a polished,glass like surface.  There are several different sets here on Amazon and they can often be found in Dollar Stores .  Some reviewers have mentioned that they can break if hit with a hammer or strike a hard cement like floor;but under normasl use are very durable.

Congratulations to the designers and manufacturers of Yikers!, I’ve been wondering how a game could be made with these intriguing magnets;and now you’ve done it!

You can purchase this game through Amazon

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