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There are literally hundreds of books on Magic; but you would be hard pressed to find a better one; whether you are looking for someone who is 10 or 12 years old, or any adult who always thought it would be cool to do some Magic Tricks. Amazing Magic Tricks book is excellently constructed, with hard covers, a spiral metal binding (ideal for laying out flat) high quality paper and printing. It also profusely illustrated with colored photographs and drawings and 128 pages. And all that for the price of a cheap paperback novel. Then there are the Magic Tricks.

The book has 5 Sections.

Coin Magic….. 13 Tricks

Matchstick Magic….. 21 Puzzles using matchsticks

Rope and String Tricks…..10 Tricks

Mind and Body Magic…..11 Tricks and Illusions

Mixed Tricks…..11 Tricks

These are all very basic tricks and there is no need to buy any special props; because all the things needed to perform these tricks are readily available in any home. The author gives detailed instructions for all the tricks and detailed photographs and illustrations that leave no doubt about how to perform the Magic Trick.

The author also points out that the mechanics or secrets to any Magic Trick are really quite simple and that the things that make any Magic Trick interesting to any audience is the presentation and the practice that the performer puts into the trick.

Some books on magic, particularly those involving coins and or cards are much harder to perform than most people realize. The main reason for that is it takes many, many hours of practice to handle the cards and coins in order to pull off the trick. Leave that to those who want to do “serious’ Magic or tricks and put in a lot of serious effort. This book, though, is ideal for someone to get started and they will quickly learn a good number of tricks and build up confidence to continue.

You can purchase this book at Puzzle Master.

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