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As a lifelong lover of puzzles; I would like to suggest who would like Fabulous Fun With Puzzles book.  Generally, it is a basic puzzle book giving a brief selection of popular types of puzzles. Anyone who has spent time with puzzles, will be familiar with many of the 400 puzzles in this book; as many of them have appeared in many books.  I had never come across the two books by Leeming, even though I have somewhere around 600 “puzzle books”; nor have I even come across his name. Maybe they pretty much disappeared by the time I got interested in puzzles, sometime around 1950. I don’t think Leeming created many of these puzzles, as most of them are really classics.

There is a good variety of puzzles included;
54 Word and Letter Puzzles
40 Matchstick Puzzles
94 Brain Twisters eg. How did this happen? There was a wedding one day recently that had the following results. The father of a young woman became her husband’s brother-in- law, and her husband’s sister became her stepmother. How come? Ans. The young woman’s father married the sister of the man to whom his daughter was married.
38 Number Puzzles and Magic Squares
19 Coin Puzzles
15 Anagram Puzzles
29 Paper and Paper Puzzles
24 Teaser Puzzles
72 Mathematical Puzzles
23 Cut-Out Puzzles– Construction, Put- Together, Tangrams, Etc.
So, the book has a bit of everything. It would be excellent for anyone, of any age, who is relatively new to puzzle books; but pretty much well known puzzles to anyone who has been much of a fan of them.  Definitely, excellent for beginners, but not much new for “old hands”.

“It is one of man’s curious idiosyncrasies to create difficulties
for the pleasure of resolving them.’
—-Joseph de Maistre, Political Philosopher 1753-1821

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