Meffert’s Gear Shift Rotational Puzzle

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If you go into an antique shop or store that sells figurines or glassware; the first thing you’ll see is a sign, IF YOU BREAK IT, CONSIDER IT SOLD. Maybe there should be a similar sign in your puzzle store, in front of this puzzle saying, WHEN YOU SEE THIS, CONSIDER IT SOLD.
Is there really anyone who has not seen the Rubik’s Cube,? They may have even seen variations to the “cube”,as there is now a plethora of puzzles that go by the name of “Twisty Puzzles”. They all consist of many pieces, connected together with diabolical and ingenious mechanisms that allow the pieces to be easily scrambled. As with many “mechanical puzzles”,taking them apart is usually easy, the real challenge comes when you try to put them back together or into proper positions.
The Gear Shift cube by Deferment’s, and designed by Oskar van Decventer shows how far cube puzzles have advanced over the roughly 30 years. It is beautiful to look at, the mechanism is amazing, the quality is superb, the challenge is mesmerizing, and anyone who has seen it, and played with it for a minute or so; will definitely want it. One of the problems often associated with these “twisty Puzzles” is that the mechanisms can be fragile and easily damaged.. .That should not be a problem here as it seems very sturdy. Another issue is often with the colored stickers peeling etc.
Again, the quality of the stickers is excellent.
The real interesting feature with this puzzle is that it appears to be locked, that is, until you realize it unlocks when pulled apart, either horizontally or vertically – simply amazing!
As to difficulty, it is less difficult than the Rubik’s 3 X 3 Cube, and even more fun to play with.
If you get stuck, there are always several very good videos on YouTube to help you.
An excellent choice for anyone who likes puzzles, or as a gift for a puzzler.

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