Oball: point scoring puzzle app

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Oball is a point scoring puzzle app from Vlifect. Their webpage is down or defunct. However, the puzzle game is quite good.

The object is to get 4 balls of the same color into a cluster of 4 or more. When that happens, they disappear and you score points.

Gameplay: tap on 2 balls and if they can trade places via an open path (no diagonals), they will swap.

You score more points by getting a cluster of 5 or 6. But that’s not necessarily an optimal strategy.

Right now, my score is about 17,000. That’s from playing 30 minutes a day for about two weeks.

Oball is a darn good puzzle app game. However, it’s a bit too easy. I’ve made mistakes that I thought spelled my doom. But I keep getting out of the jams and am afraid this one game of mine might go on for weeks or months.


A similar game that’s much harder: BeeCells Lite.

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