Parallel Dimensions

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The Parallel Dimensions has a bit of everything. Its got 3 large rings, 1 piece with a closed loop at each end, 2 “U” shaped pieces, with closed loops at each end, a wooden ball, a fairly large wooden cube, and a cord which passes through the ball and the cube as well as entwined around the two “U” shaped pieces and one of the rings.
The object is to remove that ring. It looks a little intimidating, and for good reason; it is not simple and has a Difficulty of 10 out of 10.
As with other wire puzzles that Puzzle Master offers, it is very well made of heavy materials and is not prone to breaking, even if more force than required is applied.
This puzzle is definitely not for a novice, but a real challenge for a seasoned puzzle solver. I often use the word “intimidating” with these Mechanical or Hand Held puzzles. When I say a puzzle is not intimidating, I mean just about anyone will “give it a try”. But an intimidating puzzle is one that will scare people off almost immediately.
This puzzle is definitely one I would call intimidating. It is a very good puzzle that will give real challenge to the solver and certainly an AHA moment when they solve it.

You can find the solution for this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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