Rubik’s Twist

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The Twist was a great rage several years ago. Also, Rubik’s Twist has been around a long time too. It consists of 24 triangular pieces held together with an elastic cord. It is not a puzzle in the true sense but something to construct objects. The pieces can be placed all in line, creating a snake, thus the name Rubik’s Snake. It can be twisted to form many other things, thus the name Rubik’s Twist. It is made by several companies and the cost and quality varies greatly. Sometimes it is sold with diagrams of several objects to construct. Try to construct a Dog, Bird, Cobra, Goose, Geometric Shapes, etc. An interesting shape is a Ball as shown here.
The real important thing to consider when obtaining this products its quality. A review of the other Reviews will show several people have been disappointed by poor quality resulting in it breaking. You can see where they are offered at greatly varying prices. All I can suggest is that if you get the Rubik’s version or other higher priced ones; you have a much better chance of being satisfied, than if you opt for one in the $1-$5 range. That said, there’s really no way to assess the quality without handling and twisting it. Sort of the same thing as with an authentic Rubik’s Cube and cheap knock-offs.
It is a good object and people of all ages will be intrigued to play with it.

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