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Jerry Slocum and Dieter Gebhardt have teamed up to produce a book on Anchor puzzles that have entertained and challenged millions of people who love puzzles.  They have spent several decades and travelled countless miles, met with everyone they could find to piece together the complete history of these puzzles.  From their earliest appearance in 1890, these puzzles have a history that is unimaginable , that is until you see what the research and lifelong efforts of these two world famous Puzzlers have learned and put together to produce in this book.  It’s hard to imagine,  that anyone with an interest in mechanical puzzles who will not be enthralled with this book and long to have their own copy.
If you have seen Jerry Slocum’s book “The Tangram Book” which I reviewed on Amazon on January 6, 2004, or any of his other wonderful books on puzzles; you will be familiar with the top notch quality you will find in them.  This latest book, certainly continues with this excellent quality,  not only in its content, but also in the finest quality of construction, paper, binding, printing and color rendition.  It is filled with photographs and illustrations that will amaze you, especially when you consider the years of expert knowledge, experience and connections, along with the time and effort that the authors have dedicated to bringing this book to puzzle lovers everywhere.
The book covers the complete history, including everything from the designers, manufacturing, distribution, marketing,  costs, numbers produced, and everything one can possibly imagine about these popular puzzles.
Over 50 puzzles, with photographs and illustrations along with a total of over 4000 puzzles and solutions of each type to challenge and entertain you.  To say this book would provide one with enough to entertain and challenge them for many years would be an understatement.
Also provided is all the information, dimensions and illustrations for anyone who is inclined to make any or all these puzzles , using whatever types of material they should choose.
In addition to all that is in the book , there is a wealth if information in the Bibliography and Sources and a Picture Index of puzzles at the back of the book of all the Anchor puzzles, Piccolo/Picco, Miscellaneous Mosaic and even rare Anchor puzzles.
And to top it all off; there is an unbelievable, information packed DVD included with the book.  Note, if you have trouble getting the DVD to play on a DVD player, as I did, it works fine on your computer.
In the world of puzzles, interests vary widely; but this book has it all, no matter if you are an astute collector of puzzles, interested in the history of puzzles, an inventor of puzzles, a person who likes to make puzzles, one who loves to be entertained and challenged with puzzles, or simply likes to read about puzzles or simply looking for a gift for someone who likes puzzles.  No matter what,  The Anchor Puzzle Book is a real gem and sure to become a classic.

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