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If you are looking for a puzzle or game that will appeal to all ages and one that can be learned to play in seconds; Hoppers fits the bill.
This is basically a Solitaire Peg game and based on a game,”The Great Thirteen”,and comparable to many “peg” or “checker-board” games that have amused a wide range of people over the years.
This particular version by Thinkfun is very similar to one by Binary Arts. Thinkfun is the same company that used to go by the name of Binary Arts.
Both versions look almost identical. My Binary Arts version has 12 Frogs and the object is by jumping, and thus removing the jumped Frog to end up with only one Frog left on the pond. All Frogs are alike. The game comes with a deck of 40 cards, each a different challenge. The amount of empty spaces varies. Each challenge card has a solution on the back; and there is also a minimum number of moves given for a further challenge. The Challenges are also rated in 4 degrees of difficulty, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.
The Thinkfun version also has 12 Frogs; however one is Red. The game is the same; except the object is to have the Red Frog the last one left on the pond; and that just happens to be where it started on each of the 40 difference set-ups or challenges.
Both versions show a date on the bottom of the box as 1999.
Each version comes with a bit of background history and instructions on 2 cards similar to the challenge cards. The Binary Arts version (all Green Frogs) shows a date of 1999; while the Thinkfun version (1 Red Frog) has a date of 2002 on the card.
Even if you have one version, it is still worth getting the other version since each version has different challenge cards. .With both versions the challenge cards have a solution and minimum moves on the back.
The game is excellently designed. It is made of durable plastic and a slide out drawer for storage of the Cards and the Frogs. The game is sold in an oversized package that is approximately 4 times as big as the actual game. The game can quite comfortably carried in one’s pocket, a particularly good feature when travelling.

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