Cast Coil

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Another wonderful and challenging from one of the best metal puzzle makers around today.
It’s a pretty little puzzle and even though the first impression makes one think that it consists of several pieces. Not so. It is made of only 2 pieces, but unusually shaped. You will soon see that the 2 pieces are made of 2 different colors, gold and silver. With a puzzle like this one usually shakes it to see if there are any moving parts concealed inside, could there be magnets involved, or does some part slide. Well, none of these approaches seem to work and twisting, turning, and shaking seems to be all one can do. At times, it seems to loosen up, but soon it becomes “frozen” again. There is one other “key” to taking it apart – persistence.
Eventually, you’ll “get it” then the fun and challenge starts all over again; when you start to put it together again. How difficult can it be? Only 2 pieces.
Once you have taken it apart, and put it together, more by trial and error; now the real challenge is to see how fast you can do it.
I was somewhat intrigued with the name of this puzzle, as I would have been at a loss in coming up with one. It is very similar in appearance to a burr puzzle, but also quite different. However, when you think about it, the two pieces are, in effect,”coiled around” each other.
After taking it apart and reassembling it, I wondered how in heck one could write down or describe a solution. I went to Puzzle Master and found a solution. Wow!!If you get stuck trying to solve this puzzle; take a look at the solution; you may even find that harder than the puzzle itself.
Now that you know how to solve the Cast Coil; go to YouTube and check out the young lad who’ll show you that it can be taken apart and reassembled in about 10 seconds.
Have fun; I sure as heck did!!!

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