Cast Spiral

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The Cast Spiral is a fascinating little brainteaser. As you hold it, it slips and rattles; but surprisingly, it just won’t come apart. The temptation is there to force it, but that doesn’t help, nor is forcing ever the approach one needs to take in conquering a mechanical puzzle. All five pieces appear to be identical, and they all move with the same ease. However; while it seems that any one piece will easily come loose, it always has another holding it in place. I said all five pieces appear to be identical, but one piece has the name HANAYAMA on it. Could this be a clue?
I notice that there are several prices quoted for this puzzle, but they are all made by Hanayama and all alike. They are beautiful to hold, easily slide about to create a spiral, are cast metal with an excellent nickel finish. It is indestructible unless one applies excessive force; then I suppose it might become jammed.
It is anything but intimidating, but more of a challenge than it looks, first in taking it apart, then after when trying to put it together again. It might well be called an amazing five-piece, 3-D Jigsaw puzzle. A great puzzle, conversation piece or even a paperweight.

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