Cast Claw

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The Cast Claw is a beautiful puzzle to hold, look at, and to play with. Highly durable and a puzzle that will give many years of enjoyment. As to difficulty, I would rate it as medium. There are several puzzles quite similar in that one piece must be moved from one of several sections through others via notches, until you are able to obtain its release. This puzzle has 3 sections with each section having 2 notches where the fish shaped ring can pass. Which of these slots ,or is there another not so obvious exit path? The puzzle is made of heavy cast metal plated in chrome and gold. The chrome piece is a crab and even has a small loop that could be used to use it as a key chain or fob – or could that be the secret to its solution. The gold ring is actually a small fish that the crab has in its deadly grasp. This is an interesting puzzle that could as well been called “The Crab”.

A good choice for any puzzle aficionado.

You can purchase this at Puzzle Master.

If you are looking for a solution this puzzle you can find it Here.

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