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There are a plethora of “Tangram” like puzzles that have a long history and provide immense enjoyment challenge and entertainment. When I see the name Hanayama on a puzzle, I immediately think of the wonderful cast puzzles that they have made, and are very popular. To give you an Idea of the history and what a popular puzzle the Tangram is, you might check “The Tangram Book”, or “The Anchor Puzzle Book” by Jerry Slocum.
This “Lucky Puzzle” has been around for many years and has been called the “Cross Breaker” Puzzle”,or Kreuzspiel, when introduced in 1892.For more interesting history of this puzzle check out the wonderful book of dissection puzzles,”The Anchor Puzzle Book”,by Jerry Slocum & Dieter Gebhardt.
This puzzle by Hanayama is very good quality, and is made of sturdy plastic, has a case for storage and a booklet with 50 Silhouettes or figures to challenge and entertain you. I have another version, also by Hanayama, that have the pieces made of wood and comes with a wooden tray and a booklet with 90 Silhouettes or figures to make. While the classic Tangram Puzzle has been around much longer, and there are several thousands of silhouettes that have been created over the years; this is an excellent similar type puzzle.
As to difficulty, which is 7 out of 10,much the same as the Tangram, I actually find them even more challenging.

You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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