Satan’s Stirrup

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A whole level above those brainteasers generally known as “wire puzzles”.
These are what are called Tavern Puzzles. An excellent puzzle to look at as well as to try to solve. Tavern puzzles are made of heavy, 1/4 inch iron rod and rings, some even consist of wood balls and/or chain. They are quite heavy, this one weighs almost a pound. They have been around for many years, and often were made by blacksmiths. They possibly got their name from being around bars or taverns for enjoyment.
They are generally quite difficult to solve; this particular one is above average to difficult.
The object here is to remove the shuttle, the long piece with a ring through its ends. It is so sturdy that it is just about indestructible; but solving it requires no force, just patience, thinking and perseverance. To get the shuttle off will require 6 or 7 sequential moves and the same moves in reverse to restore it.
If you manage to solve it without any help, give yourself a pat on the back; you’re pretty smart, or at least persistent.
However, if you can’t seem to solve it, and/or lost the solution that came with it; or maybe someone gave it to you and held back the solution, there is still hope. Go to You Tube and search for “A solution to Satan’s Stirrup Puzzle”.Here you will meet the inventor, Dennis Suclisky of Tucker- Jones House. He makes and sells a nice collection of nearly 30 Tavern Puzzles. Many of these Tavern Puzzles are also sold as lighter wire puzzles; they sell for less, but not anywhere comparable in quality and beauty.,
He explains in detail how to solve Satan’s Stirrup, and makes solving it unbelievably smooth and simple. Once you have learned to solve it, with some practice, you will be able to solve it just as nicely too..almost like magic.
A great puzzle for yourself or a gift for someone who likes puzzles or any challenge.

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