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The Tavor wooden puzzle is a very beautiful puzzle and one that will give you an AHA! Moment when you solve it.
First of all, let me tell you that there is another very similar, but different ball in cage type of puzzle. When I first came across this puzzle, I didn’t notice it was different from one I already had. At first glance, they look the same. However, there is another puzzle called Caged Ball or Ball in Cage, or Invader. When placed side by side the difference is immediately seen. In this puzzle you will note that the vertical pieces intersect at the mid point of the sides; whereas with the other Ball in Cage puzzles, all pieces intersect at the corners.
I hope you don’t find my explanation more confusing than the puzzle itself. To confuse things even more the Tavor Wooden Puzzle is also sold by Siam Mandalay and called Lock A Ball.
Now about this puzzle. There are 12 pieces plus the ball, 10 of the pieces are identical, while the other 2 pieces are also like one another. It is quite open in design, but with a little jiggling and twisting, it soon comes apart…a minor AHA! Moment. Now, the real challenge is to reassemble the thing. It has a difficulty level of 4 out of 5;spit’s more suited for someone with a bit of experience, or at least patience. If you get stumped, and many will, you will find a very detailed instruction, first for disassembling it, and also for reassembling it.. .Just in case you are wondering why these puzzles are so challenging, there are 25 steps in removing the ball, and another 33 steps in locking it up again. If you think solving a puzzle like this a challenge, just imagine trying to design one like it.

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