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The Room is a puzzle game unlike any other puzzle game on the cell phone market. This brings me back to adventure games of the past where you had to solve a room or device to enter the next room or sequence of events. I absolutely love these games. I am very intrigued with the challenges that were laid out before me. This game is no exception.  It has me very intrigued. I think two hours has past and I haven’t even noticed time at all.

The game is phenomenal in it’s design and execution of it’s ideas. You have a room with a big box in it that you have to open. Seems easy enough but there are many layers to this box. When you think you have finally opened it you are left with much harder challenges to do. I love this kind of idea. It keeps me going and entertained for hours. The neat part is that you are given  goggles to put on that make some things 3D. These objects then need to be manipulated to open boxes or parts of the box. For someone like me this can draw me in for hours or days of the puzzles are hard enough.

I would have to give this game an overall 5 out of 5. I really can’t find any faults in this game. It’s beautifully done. The game is intriguing from start to finish.  The only problem is that it’s too short.  I would highly recommend this to any puzzle game lover.

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I have been puzzled and puzzling others for years. I am most happy when I am solving puzzles of any kind. I enjoy challenges and will accept most any challenge.

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