Trapped Satellite – Nerves of Steel

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The Trapped Satellite is a fairly common puzzle or as some like to call it a brainteaser. It is made by several different companies and goes by different names–“Nerves of Steel”,”Metal Teaser Cage”,etc. It has also been produced in wood and plastic. A plastic version is here on Amazon and called “Cage Puzzler”. The same idea is used for other trapped or caged things like Hedgehog, Torpedo, etc.
When you first pick it up, it looks simple but soon it looks impossible. This is always a good feature for a puzzle or brainteaser. There is no solution given other than to use patience and perseverance. Well, maybe a little clue, look for one of the spaces between bars to be ever so slightly greater.
This is a puzzle that does not require any excessive force; in fact, because of the thin nature of the “spines”, it can easily be damaged, and rendered useless.
The other reviewer mentioned this happened with him and I found mine with a missing “spine” after it had been passed around a couple of times. I was surprised when someone announced,”This puzzle isn’t so hard, it came out without any problem.”I soon saw why.
I also mentioned a plastic version,”Caged Puzzler” which is shown on Amazon, and which I also have. It’s about twice as large, and seems to be quite strong, but I suspect the “spines” will also break if too much force is applied. Believe it or not, even though I have solved “Trapped Satellite” a number of times; solving this one has eluded me – so far. Also, try as I may; I can’t see any difference in the spacing of the bars. Maybe the length of the “spines” is the key to solving it?

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