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The Andromeda, by Philos, is a fairly well known puzzle among puzzle enthusiasts. It has been around for years, made by several companies and in various sizes. It is a little intimidating, and for good reason. It consists of 12 pieces. There are 4 shapes of pieces with 2 of each. Then there is a 5th shape, of which there are 4.
This take-apart wooden puzzle is called a Burr; and there are many different ones available, and they can become very complicated and challenging. This one is given a difficulty level of 7 out of 10.  Maybe it is not the first one you should attempt; but then again it is a good challenge. Solutions to puzzles like this sometimes have a solution inclosed but not Puzzle Master will e-mail a solution if you request one. If you are stumped, you can always get a solution, then work through it. Then, put the puzzle and solution away for a while; then try again later. There is no reason not to get help, unless you are a born genius, or unwilling to learn. After solving a few of these puzzles, your confidence and satisfaction will improve.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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