Cowboy’s Hobble

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The Cowboy’s Hobble  is a relatively simple brainteaser. It is quite attractive and has the element of looking simpler than it is. It is made of a heavy, nickle plated wire, a nylon cord and wooden ball. However; the ring opened up on mine, if it ever was welded; so the ball could pass through it with very little force. Since this defeats the purpose of the ring, I managed to force and epoxy it closed. Not a major problem, as long as it is that the ball is not supposed to pass through the ring.
It presents a good, but not overly difficult puzzle and will provide lots of entertainment for young or old, at home or around the campfire; even a little more challenging in the dark; and best of all no pieces to get lost. As with all disentanglement or wire puzzles excessive force is not required to solve it. If you can’t keep the ring tightly closed, you might consider replacing the ball with a larger one.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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  1. George Bell May 2, 2013 at 14:45

    This is a classic puzzle and quite difficult for most people. I have also noticed that it doesn’t seem to get any easier after you solve it.

    It is quite a bit easier to put the ring on compared to getting it off, so to find the solution I always have to think about putting the ring on, and then reversing this (in my head).

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