Fit to a Tee Golf Puzzle

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Fit to a Tee Golf Puzzle is a “sister” to The “Fifteen Puzzle” by the same company. They have been around for quite a while. Mine has a date of 2001 and made by Binary Arts; the company is now called ThinkFun. It is made of metal and very solid. The data shows the shipping weight as 2 pounds; but the puzzle is nowhere near that, maybe 1/2 pound at the most; and can easily be carried in the pocket; except for one thing. If you look at the “1 Customer image”, you will see how it is packaged. It comes in a light cardboard package with a “window”. Inside, the puzzle has two pieces of clear plastic around the puzzle. All this is great as long as you retain the packaging for storage or carrying the puzzle around. Without the packaging the pieces will simply fall out and probably get lost. So, here’s my warning; open the package carefully and retain it to keep the puzzle in.
The puzzle is basically 9 “pentominoes”,each with a flag, that have to fit into the tray which represents 9 holes of a golf course. Flip the tray over and the same pieces fit into the back nine golf holes. Hence, you get two puzzles in one. The puzzle comes with solutions for both the front and back nine holes. However, the packaging fits with only the front nine.
The puzzle has an additional challenge than usually found with a “pentominoe” puzzle in that there are 3 water hazards on each side that must be navigated in solving the puzzle.
A challenging, yet non-intimidating puzzle that will survive a lot of use because of its excellent construction and being metal. Same goes for the “Fifteen Puzzle“.

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