Lion’s Lair

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The Lion’s Lair is an interesting wire or disentanglement puzzle. I chose my title from the fact that this puzzle actually goes by at least two names. On Amazon, it is offered as Mantis Wire puzzle, by Winshare. Actually, I kind of like that name. It’s natural to give these wire puzzles names, and that is often very difficult. In this case, when you look at the puzzle spread out, it does resemble the face of a lion. However, it just as well resembles the face of a Praying Mantis. So, pick your choice–I guess.
It is well made of nickle plated wire and fairly sturdy; but could be bent out of shape by the use of excessive force. As with all wire puzzles, the solution definitely does not require excessive force.
It is complicated, even a bit intimidating when you first look at it; and it is actually of medium difficulty to solve.
If you get too frustrated and need a little assistance in solving it; you can ask Puzzle Master to e-mail you a solution, or even go to You-Tube where you can see it being solved. Sometimes, brainteasers can really have you stumped, because once you have tried everything you can think of, and are not able to come up with the “secret”to solving it, there is no reason not to get a little help. Once you have solved any puzzle, all is not lost; because all you have to do is put it away for a while, and it becomes a challenge all over again.
This is a good puzzle more suitable for people who have some experience with brainteasers rather than a beginner.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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