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Most magic tricks are quite simple – when you know the secret. This little Magic Box, 3″ X 2″ X 1 1/2″, will stump just about everyone who sees it for the first time. It is made of fairly thick clear acrylic plastic. It will withstand a good amount of usage; but certainly can be broken if excessive and unnecessary force is used on it. This is true to most brainteasers and should never be given to macho types who relish in breaking them and handing them back broken, saying,”There, solved!!” I also have one of these made of wood, but based on the same principle. It is a puzzle that has been around for quite some time and is also called Magic Box. This clear plastic version comes with a clear film around it with two red bands around the box and a bar and padlock; THIS SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED. It comes with a folded up fake Hundred Dollar bill inside. The idea here is to use the box to place a money gift in. If the film is removed, there is a round hole about the size of a quarter. The idea here is to put something in the box, larger than the quarter and have someone try to remove it, but is more effective when using a money bill.
A great little Brainteaser or Magic Trick; but especially great for a gift of money for Birthdays or other Holidays. It will cost little more than a card, but will provide lots of challenge and entertainment; particularly when one person manages to open it – then everyone will want to “give it a try”. However; the fun is not lost once it is opened, as it can be re-closed and tried over and over again.

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