Money Maze

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I have been intrigued by puzzles of all sorts ever since a young lad over 60 years ago. Since that time I have found many and have several hundred in my collection. I enjoy hand held mechanical puzzles, into which I place this one. I also love puzzle books of all kinds. One of my favorite are mazes. What the Money Maze puzzle does is combine mazes with a hand held box which is to be opened. There is no tricky secret to this puzzle, as is often the case. All it takes is a bit of patience, and since it is constructed of clear plastic, you can see the ball at all times and clearly see the places where the path to success is blocked. I will tell you one thing; that it took me a little time to realize that is that there is one little step that you must navigate to succeed.
A couple of reviewers have criticized the puzzle as being too fragile and susceptible to breaking. That may be so, but after all, it is made of plastic and if handled carefully should stand lots of use if used sensibly. Although, if there is a “gorilla” nearby, whose natural talent is the use of force; maybe you should warn him or keep it away from him. This puzzle can also fall into the category of a “Puzzle Box”, and there are some real difficult ones. There are pins, balls, magnets and various moving parts that keep them from being opened and their secrets have to be found. Just imagine trying to solve this puzzle without being able to see the ball as well as all the inside barriers. For some further enjoyment or challenge, after you get to be able to solve this puzzle easily; I suggest getting some self adhesive labels and place a few on the outside of the cube, obscuring the maze channels somewhat; now you have increased the challenge.
Hope you have as much fun with this puzzle as I am having. I often bring out puzzles and pass some around and everyone seems to enjoy them. I gave a Guide Leader a box of them to take on a camping trip and they came in really handy during a stormy night.

You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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