Rubik’s Revolution

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Most people are familiar with the Rubik’s Cube, where by twisting the “squares” they become mixed up and become a very difficult challenge to put back in proper order.
However; Rubik’s Revolution is a completely different type of a cube. None of the squares move at all. The center of each side is indented and has a square that can be pushed in. This cube is electronic and the center squares can light up; and by pressing the lit square, it goes out, and a different center square lights up. This is all done by an internal electronic program. The cube makes sounds when a square is “lit” or “extinguished”.  There are 6 different types of games programmed into the cube. Also a time limit is announced at the start of the game and your score(number of squares you extinguish) is announced at the end of each game. Each of the 6 sides of the cube is a different game.
It is very simple to learn how to play the games, and takes only a couple of minutes. So; what this cube really is, is something to challenge your eye and hand coordination, agility and speed. It can be enjoyed by children or adults. The more one plays with it; the better one gets at locating the “lit” square, and “extinguishing” it; and seeing how much better scores you can make.
One can play alone, trying to get better scores, pass it to others to see who can get better scores, or even have several people, each with a cube, competing with one another.
It is a real entertaining challenge. A lot of Reviews have rated it poorly, because it is not the more familiar cube; but forget about that; as it is completely different. There are a lot of other comments criticizing the quality, stickers falling off, etc.;but I find mine to be well made and problem free.
Another important thing about this product, and where it differs from the “conventional Rubik’s Cube” is that it won’t be put aside by most people who feel the conventional cube is too hard for them to solve. Everyone will want to “give it a try”.
If you happen to find the cube and there are no instructions on how to start it up, there is a small on/off switch on one of the corner squares on the red squares side. Being electronic, it has a battery that will eventually have to be replaced.
There is also a Micro version of Rubik’s Revolution.

You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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