Rubik’s Revolution Micro Edition

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Simply put; this is a Micro version of Rubik’s Revolution.To make it even more practical to carry around ;it comes with a sturdy chain attached,so you can clip to a zipper or use for a key chain.
The Rubik’s Revolution is a 3″ cube, this Micro version is only a 1 1/2 ” cube,;so it is only one-eighth in size.
It is also electronic and the recessed center squares light up;but only in red,where the other version the center squares light up in the same color as the sides.Also,the Micro does not “talk” to announce the different games or scores.There is no ON/OFF switch on the Micro cube;to turn on the Micro,press and hold the squares at the center of the RED and ORANGE sides. As to quality,it is very well made and should give good service.
Other than playing the games,it is a good conversation piece,but don’t overlook an nuintended use for this delightful thing.If you get annoyed by people in stores,busses,and other public places;who obnoxiously insist on gabbing away on a cell phone near you; simply pull out your Micro, and play away..they’ll get the message real quick.As the old adage goes,”never leave home without it.”

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