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Whenever you see Jerry Slocum and any of his associates, in this case Dic Sonneveld, involved in something; you can count on it being First Class.
This new book, The 15 Puzzle book, is simply delightful for any puzzle lover. They take one of the most common of all puzzles, The 15 Puzzle, and show that it has a background that arguably makes it the most popular puzzle craze of all time.
The book is a great read, filled with everything about the puzzle; from its creation, and how it took the whole world by storm. Much of what the book covers is unknown to many who love puzzles and have seen this puzzle from the days we first became interested in them. Most of us had never imagined what an intriguing history it has had.
Their search of everything written about the puzzle would take many years for one to attempt on their own; but here in this book, they give it all to us to enjoy.
The book is loaded with excellent and rare photos and illustrations of the people, newspaper clippings, and puzzles from the worlds finest collections. They have run down all the legends and things said about the puzzle over the years and sorted out the fact from fiction; a major puzzle in itself.
They show why the puzzle, with all the tiles in their proper locations, except for 14 and 15 reversed; cannot be solved. This was the problem that created the frenzy in 1880; and made it “The Greatest Puzzle of All Time”.
The book also includes several puzzle arrangements to challenge you; along with solutions.
There are excellent references at the back which will be a treasure for anyone who wants to dig further. As much as anyone thinks they know about the 15 Puzzle; this book will be a fascinating eye opener; and it is unlikely they will ever look at this little gem of a puzzle the same way again.
I have been a puzzle fan for over 50 years and have over 500 puzzle books in my library; however, I have no hesitation in saying this will become one of my favorites. I am sure I will pull it out many times to thumb through it in the future.
The highest quality of paper, printing, color and overall construction has gone into its manufacture and it is sure to become a classic among puzzle books.
There is another excellent aspect of this book, that is not at first obvious. Even if someone is not particularly interested in puzzles; they will find it does an excellent job of showing how a “craze” gets started and takes off like a firestorm. We have all seen it with things like Yo-Yos, Hula-Hoops, Pet Rocks. Rubik‚Äôs Cubes; and the latest, Sudoku Puzzles.
The 15 Puzzle is surely a great example, and even after 125 years, it is still one of the most common of all puzzles.
An excellent treat for yourself or for anyone who likes puzzles.

You can purchase this book at Puzzle Master.

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