Yin & Yang

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When it comes to describe a mechanical or hand held puzzle there are many things to consider. Beauty is one of those aspects that doesn’t immediately come to mind; but as soon as one sees, and picks up Yin & Yang, it’s absolute beauty is obvious. The Yin is a symbol from Chinese philosophy and art. The female element stands for darkness, cold and death; the male element the source of life and heat. It took great imagination to take this ancient symbol and incorporate it into a puzzle. Being metal, as well as superbly crafted, makes this a great puzzle to solve, simply hold and move in one’s hands, or to sit where it can be admired, simply for it’s beauty.
It is not a particularly difficult puzzle to solve, nor to re-assemble.
Once you have solved it, the puzzle lends itself to speed- solving; either by yourself or with others. With two puzzles, it would be a great competition as it it is passed from one team member to the next as it is disassembled and reassembled.
Even though it is not a particularly difficult puzzle to solve, it is an excellent puzzle and will entertain young or mature, novice or expert puzzlers. This is a puzzle you’ll be totally satisfied with.

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