Adams Cube

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On a scale of difficulty of 1-5; this is a 1. The Adams Cube is actually a simpler version of the classic Chinese Tangram puzzle, having 5 pieces as opposed to 7.
It is completely durable and would withstand plenty of hard use, even in a classroom. About the only thing that could happen is if a piece or two got lost.
It does have possibilities of extending its use after the six shapes on the sides of the cube have been done.
How about seeing how fast all sides can be completed, either as individuals or by relay teams?
The classic 7 piece Tangram has literally thousands of shapes or figures that can be constructed. See how many shapes in addition to the original six can be made. One thing about this puzzle is that anyone who tries it can hope to be satisfied by completing it.
Even Uncle Harry, who can never solve a puzzle, can solve this one!!!

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