Android Puzzle Game: Apparatus

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Apparatus is a nice android game where the main focus of the player is to create simple mechanical structures in order to guide one marble (or a few) into a blue bucket. This may seem like a simple premise but that is not the case because the bucket and the marble are often long distances apart. The user selects that apparatus and assembles them in a way that they can work together to provide a path for the marble(s). The game is tricky and as such comes with hint help for novice players. This game comes with 44 levels, another 10 Christmas levels and also a number of other levels created by the community of players using the app. The levels become harder and harder as one moves from one to the next. One of the nicest features in the game is the ability to customize background images, graphics details, physical effects, and control settings. The sandbox mode allows players to create “fiend” levels to challenge other players.The game is found on Google App Store for android users. This game is loads of fun and your imagination is your only limit.

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