Bridge Constructor



Have you ever been to the Island nation of Camatuga? Neither have I – I don’t think it even exists. Bridge Constructor allows you to explore the Island while building bridges. Players can build their bridges over rivers, canals or even deep valleys. After the player has completed the bridge, they perform a stress test to see whether the completed bride can withstand the stress from trucks and cars that use it.

One of the best things is that the game allows the player to choose what materials to use when building their bridge; such as cables, steel, concrete pillars or wood. The player needs to use the best materials possible while staying within the budget to create the perfect bridge. Since the game allows the player to choose different materials to construct the bridge, you can build the bridge whichever way you like; the only constraint being the budget.

If you love physics puzzle games, this game will let you explore your “inner Einstein”. The game is available on iTunes for iOS users, Google App Store for Android users, and Amazon for Android users as well.

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