Dinosaur Egg 3D Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

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It’s approaching Christmas as I write this and puzzles make great stocking stuffer. The Dinosaur Egg is what is called a mechanical hand held, burr, or take-apart puzzle. It is marketed by many different companies, usually made of wood, but I suppose it is also made of plastic, or even possibly of metal. It goes by many names such a Dinosaur Egg, Football or Rugby, Mulberry, etc.
As to difficulty, it is fairly simple; 1 or 2 out of 5.
Some puzzles like this can be difficult to take apart, but this one is unusually easy. Putting it back together is not all that difficult; particularly if you pay a little attention as you disassemble it. Just be a little careful taking it apart, as once you get started, it’ll literally fall apart. One of the things that make it rather simple is that there are only 9 pieces.4 pieces are exactly alike,2 pairs which are alike and one piece that is unique. The most difficult part of the puzzle is that it requires some degree of dexterity, as it tends to fall apart until the last piece is put in.
It would be an excellent choice for just about anyone who enjoys a puzzle. After having taken the puzzle apart and re-assembling it a few times, try seeing how fast you can do it; or how about doing it blindfolded or in the dark. It would also make for a good competition, either with another or in teams say 5 per team, passing it from one to the next, till all members of each team complete it.

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