Nogglers NG-319

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The Nogglers NG-319 is a fairly common wood burr puzzle made by several manufacturers over the years and probably has other names as well.
As far as burr puzzles go (a few or many pieces of wood that fit together to form an object);this is about as simple as they come.
Out of 10 I would have to give it a difficulty of 1 to disassemble it; and a difficulty of 2 to reassemble it. No matter how new you are to these puzzles; it’s hard to believe it would take more than a few seconds to take it apart. Putting it back together is simple as it’s obvious where each piece goes. That is obvious since all 6 pieces are identical. The only challenge is the last piece, not where it belongs, but how to get it in place.
I am not giving away its “secret” since there really isn’t any.
Just for fun place the assembled puzzle on a table, with 2 pieces upright and the other 4 pieces horizontal. Then, pick it up a little using your thumb and any finger at the ends of the top horizontal piece, giving it a gentle jiggle as you raise it. Lo and Behold! watch what happens. When you see that; it’s hard to believe it is so much trickier to putting it back together. For an added challenge, see how fast you can take it apart and reassemble it with your eyes closed or blindfolded.

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