The Cross Puzzle

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The Cross Puzzle is about as simple to solve as you will find. However, there is a simple principle of Physics involve; and if you don’t twig on to it, try as you may, you’ll never get it apart. That principle is definitely not force. Force can probably be used to take just about any puzzle apart, but in doing so, it’ll also probably wreck the puzzle.
The principle used in The Cross Puzzle is also used in other puzzles that have been around for years, taking different forms and made by various manufacturers, and having different names. It reminds me of a little puzzle, one of the first I had as a kid. It was made of plastic, shaped like a seesaw, with two metal balls in it and two holes, one at each end. The object was to get each ball in a hole at the same time; only problem was when you got one ball in a hole and tried to tip it to get the other in a hole, the first one fell out.
It is the type of puzzle that, because it looks so simple, doesn’t intimidate anyone. When this principle is used, there is a “give away hint”.  Give the puzzle a shake and you can hear something move inside.
That’s all the hint you get, now solve it and amaze everyone!

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