The Lost City



Remember The Secret of Grisly Manor – the first foray from Fire Maple? Well, the second is The Lost City, still by the same developer. The puzzles in this game require pixel-hunting throughout the city. The player has to look at each room and find items that are added to the inventory. These items can be used later when the player checks other rooms. The city opens with flourishing waterfalls, ornate alcoves, and hidden jewels that the player has to find – looks much like a scene from one of Indiana Jones’ Movies.

The ability of the game to change seasons for each location is something that makes it standout. These changes make playing the game a lot more spectacular and magical. The game is available for iOS users on iTunes App Store and Google Apps for Android users. It is also available on Amazon.

Let’s hope the developers (Fire Maple) continue creating puzzles games, because they have a knack for the genre.

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