Triangle Pyramid

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It’s a little confusing to find the Triangle Pyramid puzzle on Amazon. There are at least three of them. You will also find it listed as Triangle Pyramid Wooden Brain Teaser. They are all alike as far as I can tell; they go by different names, made by different manufacturers. You will find it made by Brilliant Puzzles, Monkey Pod Games, Winshare Puzzles & Games. etc. Mine was made by Siam Mandalay. Mine has a tray to hold it as well as a triangle that fits half way down the pyramid; just as the picture shows. Others do not have the triangle nor does it get involved in disassembling or assembling the puzzle. It also came with a plastic case for storing.
It is extremely simple to disassemble and not too difficult to reassemble if you pay attention to how it came apart. However; if you just dropped it and it fell apart or if someone gave it to you disassembled, it would be a real challenge in reassembling. In that case I would rate it a difficulty of 6 or 7 out of 10.Taking it apart carefully, and paying attention it would be more like a 2 out of 10 difficulty.
So once you have played with it for a while, taking it apart and putting it back together – all is not lost.
Put it away for a while, the ask someone to give it to you disassembled and you will have a real challenge to entertain you.

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