Cast Loop – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle (Toy)

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Hanayama has produced some of the most interesting, well made and beautiful, hand held puzzles in recent years. Of all the ones I have or have seen; Cast Loop is one of the best from the point of beauty and simplicity. Its simplicity doesn’t mean that it is too simple, rather that has great simple, beautiful design. As to its degree of difficulty, it is at the low end of the scale; but that only adds to it being a puzzle that just about everyone who sees it will not be intimidated and want to try to take it apart and then put it back together again. It is a puzzle that has a great “feel” and as another reviewer said, it would make an interesting pendant. As a pendant, it would be noticed and someone would be curious about it; and even interested in trying to solve it.

As a gift for a friend, a stocking stuffer, or for any other occasion; this is something that will be appreciated and enjoyed by many. It would be a great “ice Breaker” at a party, at a bar, or at a restaurant while waiting to be served. Many people tend to shy away from a puzzle or trick; but this ring is very friendly and enticing. As soon as one person solves it others will be curious and say,”Here, let me try!”

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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